Skinner 0.6 Released
    venndigram - 2004-09-23 13:41   -   Skinner
After a couple of years of no progress, I took another chance at making this piece of software. This version contains TButton descendants that morph according to skin information.
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New demo app released
    venndigram - 2003-06-28 05:30   -   Skinner
After a long period of inactivity, a new demo app has recently been released to illustrate the new breakthroughs this project has experienced.
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Skinner releases v0.5
    venndigram - 2001-11-13 12:13   -   Skinner
Skinner is a Delphi component set designed to ease the creation of applications with skins.

v0.5 provides high graphical abilities, but low "skinning" capabilities (that's why it's v0.5).
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Skinner is alive and advancing
    venndigram - 2001-09-20 13:19   -   Skinner
Hey all,

I know what the activity percentage says, but don't believe it.
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Demo available
    venndigram - 2001-09-01 05:21   -   Skinner
First funcional demo of the Skinner project
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Project started
    venndigram - 2001-08-29 08:47   -   Skinner
You're all invited to join as developers/graphic-designers/doc-writers and "help me, help you" :)
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